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For hundreds of years the Western world has believed that humans—indeed all living things—consist of more than pure biology. Not merely physical bodies, humans possess something else that helps to define them. In this collection of new essays scientists, psychologists, theoretical physicists and other experts in the mind-body connection explore the nature of consciousness and its future as a new paradigm in science. With contributions covering near death experiences, the concept of “free will,” conscious space-time, DNA consciousness, the role of consciousness in the evolution of life, quantum theory and the non-local universe, the scientific basis of love, and the principles and applications of self-hypnosis, this volume clarifies the meaning of consciousness and establishes a model for further exploration of a burgeoning realm of scientific study.

Ja, detta email kom till mig i dag från Richard L. Amoroso, en av medförfattarna i den nya boken. Den var med i McFarlands nya katalog, men kommer inte ut förrän om några månader. Omslaget är den svenska konstnären Annica Anderssons, och Pim van Lommels "endorsement" var med:


"In this very interesting book many intriguing aspects of consciousness are being explored. The challenge is to accept that current materialistic science cannot objectify, proof nor dupliccate the content of consciousness, because it seems to be nonlocal, beyond time and space. Enhanced consciousness can obviously be experienced independently of the physical body, ands do presumably it is fundamental in the universe."--Pim van Lommel, author of Consciousness Beyond Life.

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